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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Wise Man Say

If you want sushi
you must first catch fish

I'm so deep.

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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Was Pink Now Blue

My GF's hair was pink, but now it is blue. Well kinda blue. Its bled out a lot and she will be going back to her "normal" color soon. Hell I don't even know what her real color is anymore. Well as promised I have pictures of said hair. Just pink. The blue did not show up on the cam that well.

Ahhh Don't look so sad.


You would be happy too if you had me for your Boy Friend.

So there you are. The pictures I kinda promised. No, none of these are of scarves, but I promise they will be coming. And yes I know sometimes my comments are fucked and you have to click edit comments at the bottom to read them. That's life. Work for it baby.

It's Saturday and I am at work. Fuck you.

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Friday, April 23, 2004

Q$A Friday 4: The Son Of Q!!!

Look it's me. Wondering where I have been? Well then you will love today's Q from this little number.

I think the real question here is..WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN???

Short and to the point. Nice. Well if you folks have any idea where I have been then feel free to let me know.

Was not abducted by aliens.

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Friday, April 09, 2004

Q$A Friday 3D

Today's Q comes from... well let's see here. Hmm. The Submitter would like to remain anon at this time. Maybe he or she will speak up later. Who am I to judge?

Q: Have you ever tasted your own urine? Just out of curiosity and to see what it taste like?

This one is more of a survey I suppose then a question. And yes I must admit that I have a memory of when I was around 3 or 4 years old and I went into the bathroom one early morning, grabbed the lid off of a can of hair spray, peed in it, and tasted my urine. I do not remember what it tasted like, but I do remember not liking it. It was not a gulp just tuck out my tongue. I also remember having to plug the whole on top of the cap so the p would not leak out. That hole that is at the top of all spray cans.

My GF will never kiss me again.

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Rip Off

I am very much so ripping off Syrinx, but I don't care. Stop what ever little meaningless thing you are doing at this moment and go HERE. It will definitely help relieve that stress and maybe make that long ass Friday go a little faster

Thanx Syrinx.

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Thursday, April 08, 2004

I couldn't Even Make This Stuff Up

First off I got this email from a friend whom I had turned on to News Of The Weird.

In a 2003 issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology, two Seattle radiologists described a 35-year-old man with severe abdominal pain but normal vital signs, who was found to have "multiple" heads from Barbie dolls lodged in his small bowel, which he attributed to his pursuit of the pleasurable anal sensation he gets from excreting them. After a straight-laced description of how doll heads show up differently from other objects on X-rays, the authors advised radiologists to "keep in mind that human imagination may not follow clinical algorithms." [American Journal of Roentgenology, April 2003, p. 986]

I figured, what with the anal fixation on this blog, I should post that. And on a some what unrelated note. I thought you guys might enjoy this lil bit of ...umm.. Goodness? Could be. Suppose it depends. Just go read this.

OK so this is a cop out post.

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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

And How Are You?

I used to like killing people. So I decided to get a job as a hitman. Turns out they tell you who you have to kill and when. It was more fun when I just picked my victims at random. Even though I get payed now for what I do, I don't really enjoy it as much.


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I'm No Thief, But..

Let's just say I knew this guy who had these friends. These friends came to Guy's house one evening with a brand new luxury car and when Guy asked where the friends had acquired the vehicle the friends responded with, "Oh we just now ripped it off." Seems these crazy kids wanted Guy to go with them to the back roads near some wheat fields to trash and ditch the vehicle. Guy just wanted them away form his property so he decided to follow along in his own car. Before they left Guy asked these hoodlims where exactly they got the car. Friends said they broke into some old man's house and the keys where right inside the door so they took the car. The Guy then looked on the window of this brand new luxury model machine and noticed a military gate pass sticker... with a big ass bird on it. This, for those of you not in the know, signifies that the owner is a Clnl in the military. Hmm. So this Guy, whom I know, followed the others out and watched them spin the car in the middle of the road and run it around in dirt fields and almost flip it a few times. They got up to 115 MPH at one moment. This all ended with them missing a turn and crashing into a ditch. The Guy decided that as payment for a ride back to town he would take the battery and speakers, but the hoodlums had to get this stuff so that prints form Guy were not left on the car. They got the speakers, but the battery was stuck in place. As they were gathering the bounty for Guy a group of kids drove up and asked if they were ok. The two half wits froze in terror and just stood there with mouths hanging open. Guy stepped forward and said his friends had ditched there dad's car but that they were all going to try to get it out and that Guy had a friend with a truck coming. The teens left and all was fine. The quick thinking Guy drove the hoods home, installed his new speakers and went to bed. Never hearing anything about the car since.

Crazy kids.

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

. ...... . ........ . ....

............................................................. .......... . ................. .................... ..
........ . .. ........ ... . . . .......... .. . ........... . ........ . . ....... . . .......... .. .. .. .
.......... . ...... ..
........ ... ........ . ... ........ .
. ............ .. .......... .. .. ....
...... . ..... . . ...... .. . .... . .. ... . ..... .... ..... ...... ... ..... .. . ...... ... .. .. ...
. ...
...... .. .... .. .. . ... .... ..... ... . .. ....... .... . . ....... .. . ..... ... ..

.. ........ .. .... ....

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Monday, April 05, 2004


My GF's Hair is now pink. She cut it fairly short a while ago. That is how it was when we first met so it was no shock and looked pretty good. This weekend she bleached it and then dyed it pink. She mixed two colors of manic panic.. err some red and some other pink. It turned out real neat. I like the way it looks. And the package says it will glow under a black light. I think that would be neat to see. Well I guess that is all for right now. Maybe ill post some pics or something. Oh and I will take pics of the scarves as soon as I get over this lazy thing.

They can't all be golden.

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Friday, April 02, 2004


Let me start by saying that I really like my job and the place I work. The employers and bosses are all fairly nice people. The pay is good and the job is fairly easy. Now on to the point of this post. The company owners are fairly religious and even put god in our mission statement as you will see below.

Hope you can read this.

Ok so the mission statement is a little odd. I mean God is right there plane to see. It is as if we are working for God. If this is so then I think our medical should maybe be a lil better. And man don't even try to call in sick on God. "Ohh your sick are you? YOU ARE HEALED MY SON!!!"
Yup that would suck.

So the mission statement is kinda bad, but I can deal with it. And even deal with a prayer before a sales dinner we had. I work in the sales department. The thing that really got me was this sign I saw posted in the break room the other day.

The flowers were my doing. To long to explain.

Now this just seems wrong to me. They also had posted some event you could go to that was going to talk about the movie The Passion and what it meant. You may notice that the prayer meetings are on payday. I thought that was kinda funny. Also I have blocked out any reference to the company. Anyway. I do believe in a higher power of some sort and have no problem with peoples personal beliefs as long as they do not harm others. At least as long as they do not harm others that do not wish to be harmed. It is just that I feel as though this is being crammed down my throat. That and it does seem kinda dangerous and law suit ish for a company to do.

In conclusion I do like my job and the company, but I did think that these two things were kinda... I don't know... wrong I suppose.

Umm God? Yeah uhhh I'm sick and wont be in.

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Q$A Friday Part The Second

Welcome back folks. It's another installment of Q$A Friday. Today's question comes form Brick.

Q: Should threesomes be reserved for casual relationships or can they be incorporated into commited, long-term relationships?

Well folks I am sure that the net has a few opinions on and maybe even some experience with this question. Help a girl out and let her know what you think. Post your reply in the comments box and have a good time.

On an err..kinda unrelated note. I just got this email from Trench: I just spilled Rock Star down my face.....omg...that sounded like a teenage groupy after a...no never mind..too damn gross....

I'm no rock star.

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Thursday, April 01, 2004


The sticker is now fixed, It says don't instead of dont'. Man I suck sometimes. And if you really want to see what the scarves look like then I will post some pics. I created a photobucket account so I am anxious to find any excuse for the posting. Today is Thursday and I need a question for the failing Q$A Friday so get off your ass and send one to mysterioblog@hotmail.com

That is all for now.

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