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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I'm Just Sayin'

I have video of me bungee jumping nude to the tune of a little more action by Elvis.

Just sayin'

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Monday, July 26, 2004

The Weekend.

Was good. It started at around 6 am on Saturday when Pretty hippy and I got up to head down to Sea-Tac to pick up Syrinx and Trentch. Syrinx was flying out to Tokyo on Saturday and we wanted to see her off and take trentch back to our place to stay for a week. He will be flying out next Sunday to join his wife.

After saying our good byes, the three of us headed downtown to get some food and look around. We settled on Ivars after Hippy had bought some taffy for $7 a lb. She tends to purchase on impulse before looking. After lunch we headed up to the SAM to check out the Van Gough exhibit. It was very cool. What with that and the other floors to look at, we were not left in want for visual stimulation. It was almost to much to take in. We were fairly tired after walking around downtown, the airport, and then the museum. I wish we would have had more time and energy to spend in the SAM. I believe I could camp out in there for a week and still not be ready to leave. If only they allowed food and drink.

It was also very warm on Saturday with Seattle topping out at 95. Fairly hot for the area. We would have surely cooked on the way home in the car if not for the AC. This Sunday also happened to be Pretty hippy's B-day and we enjoyed it with some cake, ice cream and a lassagna that Trentch made. I got her, as part of a b-day gift, Trvial pursuit for the xbox. She loves that board game and so I thought she would also enjoy the electronic version. Not to mention it validates me having a gaming system in the house. I was not wrong, and I even enjoyed playing a few games of the multi media version, but if I have to hear Brook Burke tell me I am wrong one more time...

And really that's all. It's beginning to cool off here, but I saw on the news it's going to be hot again near the end of the week. It's ok I've enjoyed the weather. Oh one more thing. When I am out and about I tend to meet people. I am fairly out going and it comes naturally. When running on Friday night I stopped and talked to some people who had a slip and slide out on the lawn. When I got home I told Pretty Hippy this and she thought it was weird that I just meet people in random places. I think she's wrong. I like stopping and saying hello and just chatting with random people.

What do you think?

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Friday, July 23, 2004


Kid tested...                                                                    Choosy moms choose...
The Go...                                                                         Fight the evils of the ...
And knowing is...                                                           I'm going to keep the ...
Pepsi Cola burnt him up now he's drinking...            Marry mack mack mack All
                                                                                           dressed in...
... form of                                                                        I have the power...
Thunder thunder...                                                       Dinobots are...
You are the last star fighter...                                     Bouncing here an there
                                                                                             and everywhere...
TMNT...                                                                         Twink and his color crystal...
Penny and brain...                                                        Who shot...
"I'm a fucking idiot 'cause I can't make a lamp?"    A.L.F. ...
Krull...                                                                            Helping to put right...
Higgins...                                                                        Count chocula and franken ...
My little...                                                                      Your it, no tag...


Bobbos they make your feat feel fine. Bobbos they cost...

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Yesterday began to slow down near quitting time. I got a little board and snapped some pictures. They will follow.

This is just an evil plant here in the office. I think it feeds off the blood of humans. It has all these huge spines on its side that prick you if you try to water it. A co worker brought the plant in from home because it was dying. I think all it needed was some sun and our souls to feed off of.

Same plant. Different angle.

When the shade hits my little toe I know it's time to go home.

Here's a pic I took by mistake. It has Princess in the background and I think she may actually be doing some work. This photo is rarer then a clear big foot pic. Damn my eye looks blue.

Domo Mr. Mysterio. It's robo me. It was fairly warm out and I was dressed very lax. Sandals and all as you can tell in one of the above photos.

Shows over. Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

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Monday, July 12, 2004

OUCH MY HERPES!!!!! ..... Give me some money!!

Princess came back to work today. Herpes and all. Now here's the kicker. She will be getting paid for the time she took off. Since the place where we work is really busy during certain times of the year and not so much during other, the office gives workers the option of taking some paid time off in the form of lay off. Usually a week here or there. She decided that her sick week was going to count as being layed off. So even though she called in sick and said she could not make it and had the option to work if she wanted, she is still getting paid. She came in and TOLD our boss that she wanted to be paid for the week she was out and would just file with HR for layoff status for that week. Man she works the system. Maybe now she can afford to run down to the pharmacy and pick up some Valtrex.

Kiss me you fool!

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Thursday, July 08, 2004


The only thing that makes vegetable soup bearable are the potatoes. I'm talking pure veg soup. Not that yummy vegetable beef or something. Nope. Just water and lots of carrots. Why the hell do they put in so much carrot and so little potato. Everyone knows that the potato is the best part.

So I decided to eat a spoon full of veggies as long as each one contained one potato. When the glorious Irish gold ran out I threw out the rest and got something from the 75c snack box. And this after posting about how bad fast food was for you and seeing Super Size Me. I'm trying to eat healthier really, but this stuff is just NOT good. I am enjoying having two pieces of toast with peanut butter in the mornings now. I usually don't eat breakfast, but this is good. The problem is that the toast gets cold before I can eat it so it just turns into hard bread and peanut butter.

Health conscious.

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What's Up?

Sitting here watching my screen. Well, typing now. Work is slowing down and it's a nice change. Been playing a lot of Zelda old school on the game Boy SP as of late. 14 hearts.

Princess is out sick from the office after only working 2 hours on Monday. She will be gone for the rest of the week. Turns out she has 'cold sores' on her lips that are really bad and flared up. She told our boss, who told us :), That not only does it look really bad, but they hurt a lot. Says her lips are swollen. MMM space herpes. Haven't watched that movie in a long time. I may have to remedy that. I don't even know if Pretty Hippy has seen it yet. I know she still hasn't seen Stand By Me and that is just wrong.

The Ficus that Trentch planted before he left the office is doing very well on the window seal. It's a cut from the plant I have on my desk. The one on my desk is an office plant that I nursed back to health and repotted twice. It looks great now. I am definitely taking that with me when I go.

Saw Super Size Me before I left on vacation. Was a very big eye opener. I knew processed food and fast food was not good for you when eaten all the time, but I had no idea how truly bad for you it is. I would recommend this movie, but I am not going to write a review. If you want to know what it's about then go see it.

All in all life is good. Hippy has an interview with a company called Chemco today. Sounds evil huh. It really isn't. They just make a spray for log cabins that keep them from burning. Not as bad as the job I was going to take if I did not get the one I am at now. It was working for a tobacco company as an inside sales person. Trying to get conveniance stores to carry cigarettes and order displays and what not. I'm pretty sure that would have secured my place in hell rather quickly as I am fairly good at getting people to buy stuff.

Hope she gets the job so I can go back to school this fall with no worries. And besides, who doesn't love extra money.

That's all for now. Rather jumbled mess I know.

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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Pretty Hippy Is HOT!!!

And bye that I mean radioactive. Don't get me wrong here. She is also very good looking, but that's not what I'm blogging about today. Pretty Hippy had to go in yesterday and take a radioactive iodine pill that they brought out to her in a bottle, in a bag, in a lead tube. Crazy. She has a hyper thyroid gland and they are killing it off. A symptom of Hyper thyroid is a rather bitchy attitude at times and easy irritability. I told this to my boss and he said he thinks his wife has that. :)

One of the draw backs to my GF being radioactive is me having to sleep on the couch for 4 days. I am not aloud to sleep with her because she sweats out pure radiation. I can't even share bodily fluids with her, which I am sure all of you know is one of the better perks of a relationship. There are all sorts of odd rules she has to go by now that she's a walking dirty bomb. Every time she pees she has to put drops of iodine in the toilet so that no radiation sticks to the bowl. And flush twice. If she is going to be crossing any borders or heading to any airports she has to get a slip of paper saying that she's in the first stage of her mutant transformation so that when she sets off all the alarms for having radiation in her system she can say it's medical and not just her smuggling plutonium.

My vacation was fun and relaxing. I came back with a great tan and a bit of a burn. The burn has turned me into some kind of molting animal. I walk around after scratching my back and skin falls from under my shirt. It really is quite disgusting. There is more to blog about, but I will save that for another day.

Until then?

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