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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

FUCK!!! I Forgot My DVDs At Home.

So instead of watching useless, although funny, movies. I will blog. What to say what to say? I'm back in school and that's.... Interesting. The first day in class, in fact the first class of the first day of class, I was hit on by a 17 yr old girl. This is oh so wrong. I want my suitors to be old enough to AT LEAST vote. Not that I need any suitors. Just sayin'. School is going well and is fairly easy. The real bonus is that I still get to work part time at my, till spring, lax job. Some how I still am able to get more time in and more work done then Princess and am here half the time. Must be some odd time continuum type thing. So school is well and I'm still getting payed and Pretty Hippy and I just purchased a new, bigger, bed so that is good. Over all, things are good. To bad it all doesn't matter.

I'm sure you have all heard on the national news about Mt. St. Helens rumbling and shaking and what not. Looks like it may blow again, or it may not. Me? I think we're all going to die.. except me. See I have this plan. What is it you ask? Hey thanx for asking! It really shows you care. I plan on driving to the Tacoma dome after advertising for an expectant mother conference to be held there. Here is the plan. The thing is, as it's name implies, a dome. The lava should flow around and over it with out building up to much. As the lava hardens on top it will tend to slide down the edges. Even if it's covered, it will still be thinner at the exact center top then anywhere else. So I drive to the conference and usher out all the men in to a different room. Tell them it's something special for the guys. Kind of like in sex ed when they separated the girls and the boys. This place will be separate from the main dome. That way when the lava comes it will be just me and a bunch of pregnant women. Did I forget to mention I would have the floor rigged with electrical wires that I could activate form my viewing booth? Oh well. So lava comes. We are covered. Oh no!. I know what your thinking, I'm traped with a bunch of bitchy woman all alone who could give birth at any moment and on top of that there is no food. Now think again. There is no food. But isn't there? The beauty of this plan is the woman brought the food we will need with them. They have been cultivating and investing in it for months now. And it's even tender. I'm talking about Baby. If you have a problem with this just think about how a camel stores fat in his hump in order to live for weeks in the desert. It would be kinda like that. I mean they are just toting the things around anyway. And we would not have enough food to feed the new borns. Plus no one has become to attached to them and they could not really work to get us out after the lava hardens. The kids would now become a benefit to my lil society instead of a burden. And what if the mothers fight? Well that's what the electrified floor is for. A couple zaps should calm them down. Then when the lava hardens and the magma stops flowing I will drill my way out of the top and live to rule a new world. I will, of course keep the woman trapped in the dome throwing them food and water every once in a while.. I mean I am going to need a constant meet supply after the addiction I am sure to get from all the baby eating. Baby meat is addictive! True after a few generations of in breading they may have some rather mutant qualities, but I will probably be dead bye then so it's really someone else's problem.

Let the lava flow.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Sensitivity Training.

I was reading my comments on the blog below and found that some one was upset about me using the word Jap to describe the Japanese language. I was going to comment there, but decided to just make a post out of it.

Kids these days. I am not using Jap as a racial slur. I am using it as an abbreviation of Japanese. It's just that society has seen it used in a negative way so that's how a lot of pple see it now. It's not a slur. It is just the shortening of a name. When someone says that guy is from the states instead of the united states I don't get upset. It's not like I said slant eye or something. Which still is just a description just like round eye. You people are too pc, He he people pc. Do you get offended if I call a Danish a Dane? Or Jewish person a Jew? I'm not associating any bad trait with the race via shortening the name. Not like I'm calling them yellow monkeys or anything. It says nothing bad about the Japanese people bye calling them Jap. Just cause it was used during WWII as a shortened word and associated with bad things, did it become a slur. Now if you were speaking Chinese and I said stop speaking that language that sounds like coins dropping... Then there may be an issue, but still I doubt it. I wouldn't be saying the language is better or worse then mine or the people are lower then me. I would just be saying the language sounds like metal clinging together. Just like some African languages sound like a baseball card stuck in between the spokes of a bike wheel or German sounds like pigs fucking under the mud.

Really, if I wanted to insult a group of people I could find a much better way then to just shorten the name. For the Japanese I could ohhh maybe call them night lights in reference to the glow they would give off from the bomb. Which still does not so much insult there country or people as it just references our attack on them. Or maybe say the real reasons they crashed the planes into our ships was because they could not open there eyes wide enough to see where to bomb. Or that they were actually trying to surrender and land but they were squinting so hard they crashed. Or maybe it should not be called the land of the rising sun, but the land of the shrinking penis in reference to the old stand bye of Asians having small members. Don't get me wrong here. I am not insulting the Japanese, just giving reference to how I could have. I could do the same thing with Americans. I mean come on look at our ruler. And white guys? Do they really need any help in being insulted or slured?

Deygo, whap, jew, nip, kraut, fucking Italian stallion, mayonnaise monkey, portch monkey, jungle bunny, sand nigger, towel head, honkey, white bread, spic, nigger, wet back, good old boy, Someones got a monkey in there closet... and the list goes on and on and ...

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Good To The Last Bight

Purchased some fruit today before work. Enough for the office. Mixed fruit. In a plastic, clear container. Hate having to decide what to eat last. Strawberry? Watermelon? Which will be the last flavor in my mouth? Time to watch some movies.

Back to work.

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