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Monday, January 31, 2005

Thunder, Thunder, Thunder!!!!

I've been using Yahoo's new video search to find and download Thundercat full length episodes. Mmmm Cheetara. Looks like yahoo beet google to the punch on this one.


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Friday, January 21, 2005

School Lunch

Chicken teriyaki rice bowls from school are no good.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Mix: Two Parts alcohol And One Part Food poisoning

Hi. Been a while I know. Screw you! Who are you to Judge? And now for the title. Pretty hippy and I went to her work Xmas party. It was at a very nice hotel and rooms were supplied for the night. The guests received 2 free drink coupons each and a dinner. The dinner was part of the festivities. Well I had a corona before dinner and PH had a manhatten. A very strong manhatten. We all then sat down for dinner. PH and I were at the bosses table. Not a bad table and we all had a good time chit chatting and what not. PH had the salmon and I had the Pasta. Turns out I was one of only Two people to have the pasta.. hmmm.. a fetucini Alfredo. Well it smelled a little like fish, but I did not think to much of it as it came on a tray with the salmon so figured it was just from that. Still, I only ate a little bit of it. The oddest thing was the cheese that was supposed to be melted on top was a little rubbery and hard.

Ok so at dinner the waiters are constantly coming over and refilling our wine glasses while we are not looking. Kind of like some kinda wine ninja sneaking up and disappearing in a cloud of smoke. I have no idea how much whine I had at dinner. So the dinner ends and we mingle and I have a Gin and tonic. As the waiters finish clearing the tables they set the remainder of the bottles they have opened and not emptied out at random tables. So PH and two of her coworkers and their boyfriedns/husbands, and I grab a few bottles and finish them. That was fine. I was feeling rather happy, but had drank more before. We all go out side for a bit to talk and stand around and one of the husbands decides to pe in a potted bush outside the hotel.. that was fun for the wife I am sure. Then we go to the bar to see if it is open. It is and we all sit down. (I'm kinda condensing this cause it's to long already) I get the ladies some water and tell PH that I will be right back. I was not feeling well. I head to the bathroom and decide to purge the alcohol from my system, but it doesn't help much. After a while the pee'er takes PH up to our room for me and helps me upstairs. I spend most of the night at the toilet postrated. The next morning I was supposed to wake up and catch the train to my Mom's for Xmas. I was still feeling bad and PH rescheduled the train for me and left to visit her fam. For about four days after eating the horid pasta I was sick to my stomach. That combined with the alcohol has turned me off of pasta and wine for a while. Damn scensory triggers. Lots more stuff happened, but I'll prob post about that later. Wow this is rather incoherent and jumbled, but I figured I needed to post something as it's been a while. If you want the full story with all the details including fights and pee'er walking down the hall naked to get ice then give me a call.


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